gain introspection & clarity via text

journi is a text-based journaling service to help you gain introspection.

Journal while you're waiting in line, in the elevator, waiting for a friend, text as much or as little as you'd like.

For people who don't have time to sit down & journal, journi helps you turn a waiting moment into a reflection moment.

About Us

Meet Nadav: an avid journaler

I'm Nadav, I started my first journal when I was 14 and have keep a journal for each day of my life since Summer 2018.

Writing each day (and looking back) has improved my memory, taught me introspection and is the key reason I share zen vibes with those around me.

I love telling people to journal and the benefits attached, but people find it hard to start the practice of writing often. No matter how much they want to, it's a hard habit to pick up. Taking time out of your day is difficult.

journi is a journal you text using the messaging app already on your phone.

how it works

Sign Up

You'll share your phone number & email, along with preferences on when you'd like to receive journal reminders.

Journal by text

journi will remind you to journal. Respond with a text and we'll save your entry. Send in photos, videos, audio recordings -- you name it.

View your daily entry

At the end of each day you journal, we'll send your compiled journal entry of all of your texts in one email. You can also text journi to search your entries (text "help" for more info).

Privacy FAQs

We take privacy very seriously. Seriously.

1. Are my texts kept private?

Yep. All messages are kept private. Your texts are not shown to anybody on the team, and we don't share your data with anyone else.

2. How did you make this?

journi uses Twilio to handle text messages, Airtable to keep data, SendInBlue for emails, and Integromat to connect it all. No-code is powerful, check it out! Reach out to Nadav if you want to learn more.

3. Which services do you share our data with?

We don't share your data anywhere that isn't necessary for the service to run. Your messages are sent through Twilio, received by Airtable, sent to you by an automated email using SendInBlue, and Integromat connects them all together.

4. What data are you keeping?

We keep the information you give us to sign up, which allow the service to work (phone number, email, name, time zone, frequency of messages). we also maintain the number of entries you send (to improve our service), and which features you use (aka what commands you text journi).​

5. I still have more questions.

You can reach me at nadavkempinski [at], just let me know you'd like to discuss journi!

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